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Cyber Security Tips

You, as a customer, play an important part in protecting your personal information and securing your identity to minimize the risks associated in unauthorized access or cyber threats. Here are some Best Practices Genesis recommend.


1. Passwords

  • DO use at least 8-characters and complex password consisting of a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

  • DO change your password regularly and do not reuse your old passwords.

  • DO keep your password confidential and never share your passwords.

  • DO activate two-factor authentication (e.g. OTP, Google Authenticator, etc) if technically possible.

  • DON’T use names, birthdays, phone numbers, ID numbers or any other personal words that are easily identified as your passwords.

  • DON’T disclose your password to anyone claiming to act on behalf of Genesis Capital. We will not ask you for your password.


2. Protect Your Devices

  • DO keep your devices and software (e.g. computer OS, mobile phone, browsers) up-to-date.

  • DO install and activate personal firewall.

  • DO install Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware software and perform a full virus scan regularly.

  • DO lock your devices when they are left unattended.

  • DO perform regular data backup to avoid data loss due to loss/stolen devices, a virus or a ransomware attack.

  • DON’T connect to untrusted / unknown WIFI hotspots.

  • DON’T download and install illegal software or software from untrusted sources.


3. Email Scam

  • DO stay alerted whenever you received any unexpected emails or from unknown sender.

  • DO check carefully the sender’s email address if the emails are from legitimate sources.

  • DON’T open emails / attachments nor click any links embedded if the emails are unsolicited, or suspicious.

  • DON’T provide any information nor respond to any of the suspicious emails.


4. Fraudulent Website

  • DO verify if you are connected to our official website at before login or providing any sensitive information.

  • DO verify the server certificate of our website (i.e. the locked padlock symbol in the web address bar of the browser). The server certificate should be issued to and still within a valid date.

  • DO contact us immediately at if you noticed any fraudulent website of Genesis Fortune Capital.

  • DON’T access the website directly through hyperlinks / QR code embedded in emails, Internet search engines or suspicious pop-up windows.


5. Social Engineering

  • DO wary of what you are sharing on the Social Media platform or other platform in the Internet (e.g. LinkedIn, Blogs, etc). This information may be used by attackers to impersonate you or to gain more valuable information.

  • DO wary of Social Engineering attack, where someone attempts to gain information from you through manipulation.

  • DO contact us directly (using the contact information from our official website) to verify authenticity if necessary.

  • DON’T provide confidential information if someone requests it by emailing, messaging or calling you.

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