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Genesis Capital invests in the growth of China’s economy. We take an entrepreneurial approach to invest in top teams and companies that leverage  technology to improve efficiency for consumers, and for businesses. We partner with our portfolio companies to manage growth, attract talent, drive excellence and continuous innovation to become no.1 in their industries.


Genesis was established in 2015 by Richard Peng, who previously built and led Tencent’s investment team and portfolio, and Kurt Xu, who previously held senior positions across operations, strategy, and investment at Tencent. The founding team has invested over USD15 Bn in 300+ technology and internet companies globally, and bring decades of investment and operations to our portfolio companies.

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Focus on Growth

We focus on growth stage companies with proven business models, and take a disciplined approach across origination, due diligence, and investments. We believe continuously building specialized expertise and excellence is the best way to generate value for our companies and for our investors.

People First

The CEO and organization capability is the most critical success factor of every company – so it is the single most important factor in our investment decision-making processes. We only invest in teams with the capability to lead multi-billion-dollar companies.

Concentrated Portfolio

We invest in c.15 companies per fund, as a concentrated portfolio strategy not only allows us to conduct industry deep dives, rigorous due diligence, but also dedicate our time to support our companies – from corporate strategy, organizational capability development, to capital markets and M&As.

One Team

Specialized expertise is key to our success. Our investment team works closely with our function teams to identify leading players in the growth stage, and to create long-term value. We emphasize open, transparent and collaborative team culture to generate faster decision-making and enhanced insights.


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The Genesis team consists of seasoned investment professionals with diverse industry experience, senior research experts, dedicated specialists in data science, financial/legal due diligence and talent management, led by a senior team with an average of 20+ years of relevant experience.

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Richard Peng

Founder and Managing Partner

Kurt Xu

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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Ryan Szeto

Operations Partner and CFO

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Matt Chi


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RED is the world's largest lifestyle community that integrates community, content, and e-commerce. It is the #1 destination for Chinese globally to share, discover, and purchase products.

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Chayanyuese is a leading contemporary beverage brand inspired by traditional Chinese tea culture.

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Truck Alliance

(Huochebang) is the #1 mobile platform for freight-truck matching in China. It merged with Yunmanman in 2017 to form Manbang Group.


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Zhenkunhang is the leading one-stop MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) platform in China.

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Tantan is one of the popular social networking apps in China. It was acquired by Momo (Nasdaq: Momo) in 2018.

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The 4th Paradigm is a pioneering provider of AI infrastructure that leverages big data and machine learning to improve efficieny and manage risk for corporates- from insurance to financial services.

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Bananain is a leading home apparel brand in China known for comfort and unique designs.

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Taimei Technology is a SaaS provider for data and process management for R&D and trials of drugs and medical equipment in China.

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Supers Mart is a leading discount retailer in Southern China.

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Beisen is the leading cloud-based human capital management software for corporates in China.

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Laifen is a leading technology-driven personal care appliances brand in China.

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Soul, one of the fastest growing social networking apps in China, fosters connection through personality-based algorithims while allowing its users to remain anonymous.

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Zhuben is a leading all-natural skincare brand in China.

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Ripe Fruit is a leading beverage brand in China targeting the younger generation.

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Chuxin provides AIOT solutions for the back kitchen of catering companies in China.

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QCraft is a world leading autonomous driving solutions company in China.

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DataVisor is pioneer in AI-enabled anti-fraud software.

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Infervision is an AI technology company which untilizes deep learning technology to assist physicians with medical image diagnosis.

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EasyWine is a B2B e-commerce platform that consolidates the multi-layer offline distribution channels for alcoholic beverages and consumers staples.

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UCO is the #1 e-commerce service provider for cosmetics brands in China.

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GaiaWorks is a SaaS provider for work force and human resources management in China.

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Galleria is a leading provider of one-stop wedding and special occasions services in China.

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KZMall is a leading auto aftermarket parts franchise in China

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BluePha creates truly bio- and marine-degradable plastics for a cleaner earth.

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Yaoyanshe is a pioneer CRO (Clinical Research Organization) services provider in China.

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Meicai is the #1 food procurement platform for restaurants in China.

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Algebraist is a leading artisanal coffee chain in the eastern region of China.

Denglin Technology
Denglin is a leading AI computing chip company based in China.

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一径科技 致力于提供全固态激光雷达解决方案,赋予无人驾驶汽车、机器人等人工智能应用可靠稳定、宽视角、远距离及高分辨率地三维深度视觉能力。 

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Yonghong Technology is a big data business intelligence (BI) company that specializes in data integration, visualization and analytics, empowering people to better understand business data and reach wiser decisions.

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Innovec Biotherapeutics is a leading developer of gene therapy delivery vehicles and drugs intended to solve gene delivery problems in all tissues and organs of the human body.

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Multitude Therapeutics.PNG

Multitude Therapeutics leverages its unparalleled target and antibody discovery capability for cancer immunotherapy. 

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Didi is the world‘s leading mobility technology platform. It offers a wide range of app-based services across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Russia, including taxi-hailing, private car-hailing, bikes & e-bikes, and financial services etc.

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未标题111-2.png is one of China’s largest online retailer with leading supply-chain based technology and services. Its nationwide fulfillment network covers 99% of China’s population, with same-day and next-day delivery.

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Bilibili is one of the largest and most popular entertainment and content platform for the Chinese, with about 200 million monthly active users.

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221.png operates the largest online market place for classifieds. The Company’s online marketplace enables local business users and consumers to connect, share information, and conduct business.

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Meituan is China’s leading e-commerce platform for services, with “eating” as its core business. Meituan is focused on its “Food + Platform” strategy to build a multi-level technology service platform.

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Dianping is the largest user-generated content platform around dining and restaurants in China. The Company was merged with Meituan in 2015.

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With "intelligent service robots" and "AI-empowered businesses" as carriers, Cheetah Mobile is well poised for the upcoming intelligent upgrading of services and products in the AI and 5G era.

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Riot Games is an online video games developer that is known for its debut release of League of Legends. The Company was acquired by Tencent Holdings in 2011.

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For business plan submissions, please email


For other enquiries, please email

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Beijing Office

Tel: (010) 84400800
Unit F, 15/F Tower A, Gateway Plaza,
18 Xiaguangli, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Shanghai Office

Tel: (021) 62337066

Unit 2901, 29F, Tower 2,  Kerry Centre,
1515 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai

Hong Kong Office

Tel: (852) 37579885
Unit 1503, 15/F, Nexxus Building
41 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

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